Rent your house


Since 1992 we are busy with renting out all kinds of apartments, houses etc. Area: between 10 and 25 km from Amsterdam: Broek in Waterland, Zaandam, Purmerend, Edam, Monnickendam etc. We try to manage a good mediation between the tenant and the landlord. All kind of people and (international)companies are surching for a shorter or longer term. We have a lot of contacts in the surrounding and we manage about 100 appartements and houses every month.


Please contact us by mail or telephone. After giving you all the  information we can make an voluntary appointment.

When we start with activate your object we will:

-Making pictures from the rentobject-placing him on various sites-mailing him to all kind of home finders and (international) companies- making appointments with them- screening the home finders- formatting the documents- are present when the documents will be signed.


You are our client and will pay us, after a succesfull mediation, commission.  In the case of a lease of 6 months the commission will be 1/2 month rent excl. 21%btw.  In the case of a lease of 12 months or longer the commission will be 1 month rent


Would you, after the successful mediation, of our services as an administrator- use the following is possible

-Coordination of correct payment of the monthly rent. Tenant pays  the monthly rent to us and we pay it to you.

-Managing the deposit as a neutral party.

-Act as source of information for business that after the conclusion of the lease during the rental period are discussed

- Arrange the maintenance of the rental object, for example in the event of any defects/leaks/replace equipment etc. We have a private handyman who first looks at whether he can fix the defect or decide to, in consultation
with you, the proper authorities/companies.

-We are as much as possible present at the end of the rental period to the final check, key collection, meters format etc.

In consultation with you, we charge a certain percentage of the monthly rent for the dates of your agreed services which will be delivered by us.